Our Wine Regions

We are situated in the heart of the South African wine industry and have access to wines from across all the wine regions.

South Africa is the world’s eight largest wine producer. The country has five wine regions, namely the Breede River Valley, Cape South Coast, Coastal Region, Klein Karoo and Olifants River. The finest wines in South Africa are produced in the Coastal region, located within the Western Cape.

South Africa has been famous for its fabulous wines for more than 350 years. Winemaking may have begun in Persia around 7000 years ago but this art only came to South Africa in 1655 when the first Cape vineyards were planted, with the first wine being pressed in 1659, by the then governor of the Cape, Jan van Riebeeck. Over the next three centuries South African wine was refined and became much loved all over the new world, with one of our most famous partisans was Napoleon whose final request was for one more glass of Vin Constance, a famous South African fortified wine still produced today.

Wine Areas of South Africa